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Workshop on Software Factories and Software Product Lines

(Journées Scientifiques ot the University of Nantes)

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On june the 16th, 2008 was held the first french workshop on Software Factories and Software Product Lines. The workshop fullfilled its objectives with the participation of about 50 academics and professionals interested in the subject. The workshop was an opportunity for actors in the field to share ideas and better know each others.

The workshop resulted in the publication of a special issue of the journal L'Objet


Software Product Lines and Software Factories are the transposition of the idea of product line in industry to software development. Althought there is no denying software ingineering has made significant progresses: components, aspects, model driven development, among others; software development still suffers from a lack of productivity.

These last years a new approach is being tested by academics and industrials: Software Product Line. The idea is to develop a family of products (software) instead of a single one. The products from the family share the same application domain. This allows to improve reuse of software developpement artefacts (such as requirements, models, software components) and thus to reduce costs.

The workshop aimed at:
  • Identify the real activy in France in Software Product Lines and Software Factories;

  • Offer an opportunity for both academics and industrials interested in this topic to share ideas and better know each others.

Special edition of the french journal L'Objet as a result of the workshop

Couverture ├ędition sp├ęciale L'Objet

  • 08h00 - 09h00: WELCOME
  • 09h00 - 09h10: Introduction -- Jean-Claude Royer (Écoles des Mines de Nantes)
  • 09h10 - 10h05: Software Product Lines with Model Driven Engineering -- Jean-Marc Jezequel (IRISA Rennes)
  • 10h05 - 11h00: Building AMPLE Software Product Lines -- Awais Rashid (University of Lancaster)
  • 11h00 - 11h30: BREAK
  • 11h30 - 12h15: How Model-Driven Engineering can help in building Software Product Lines : rationale and concrete cases -- Paul Heelis (MIA-Software)
  • 12h15 - 13h00: Traceability in Software Product Lines -- Nicolas Anquetil, Joost Noppen (École des Mines de Nantes)
  • 13h00 - 14h00: DÉJEUNER
  • 14h00 - 14h45: Point de vue sur les cadres de production logicielle en NTIC -- Jean-Christophe Salomé (Capgemini)
  • 14H45 - 15H30: -- Etienne Juliot (Obeo)
  • 15H30 - 16H15: Automotive Software Product Lines using a new Eclipse based tool platform -- Eliane Fourgeau (Geensys)
  • 16h30 - 17h00: BREAK
  • 17h00 - 18h30: Panel: Putting Software Product Lines in practice

The workshop was made possible thanks to the support of:

  • Obasco group, inside LINA (UMR 6241), a joint project/team of INRIA and EMN (École des Mines de Nantes),
  • La MEITO
  • European research project AMPLE
  • Triskell project (IRISA Rennes)

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