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Pierre Macé is a mathematician, and the inventor of the Euclid 3D CAD/CAM solid modeling technology used by Matra Datavision/Dassault Systèmes.

Louis-Paul Untersteller is an architect. He has worked with Pierre Macé in the 70'ies in the EUCLID project.

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Architect, designer, computer-scientist, mathematician, the strong experiences of L.P.U. and P.M. in the architecture design process guided them in a user centered point of view. The GINA concept emerge through their thoughts on the architectural design process : using a natural way to make 3D pictures, as designer and artists do, they start thinking on how to use 3D perspective drawings to help users to create 3D models on computers.

Twenty years later, Pierre Mace found a place at the EMN to develop the use of projective geometry and funded the GINA project.

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Pierre Macé is a brilliant French mathematicians. Among his achievements is the conception and development of the Euclid geometric kernel, the modeling engine behind Matra Datavision/Dassault Systèmes' 3D CAD/CAM system - a world standard in aerospace and automotive product development (now an open source project, Open Cascade).

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