Michel Habib

Office Address :

LIAFA, Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7 & CNRS
Case 7014
75205 Paris Cedex 13
Tel : (33) 1 44 27 68 47, fax : (33) 1 44 27 68 49

Mail : habib@liafa.jussieu.fr

Diplomas :

Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan (1971-1974), Computer Science division.
I obtained the following degrees in Computer Science from University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6) : Master (1974), PhD (1975) and Habilitation (1981).

Successive Positions :

Paris 7 : septembre 2005- : Professor in Computer Science Paris Diderot - Paris 7. Director of the LIAFA CNRS laboratory from 1/2/2008 to 1/1/2010.

Montpellier : September 1988-august 2005 : Professeur at University Montpellier II. Director of the LIRMM from 2000 to 2004. The LIRMM is a big CNRS Laboratory in computer science, microelectronics and robotics

Brest : december 1985-september 1988 : Professor and Head of the Computer Science and Networks department of Telecommunication School of Brest.

Saint-Etienne : june 1982-october 1985 : Professor and Head of the Computer Science department of the Mining School of Saint-Etienne.

Paris : october 1974-june 1982 : Assistant professor at Institut de Programmation, University Paris Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6).

Research Managment
From september 2009 to march 2010, I created an Institut for Computer Science (Institut des Sciences Informatiques et leurs Interactions : INS2I) at the CNRS. I also directed LIRMM and LIAFA two major computer science laboratories in France.

Specialist of combinatorial algorithms (algorithms for discrete structures) and in particular in algorithms for graphs and orders. One of my goals is to study and design a toolbox of efficient algorithms based on theoretical insights of the involved combinatorial structure. For example I have studied partition refinement techniques and now I am involved in graph searching techniques. These researches have been published in more than a hundred of
papers in refereed journals or conferences. I have been involved in many applied research projects including Telecommunications and Networks, Object Oriented Programming, Imagery, Biology (phylogeny), Social Networks.

PhD Students
I was involved in more than 47 PhD thesis, and among the students already : S. Garlatti, M. Morvan, J.X. Rampon, L. Nourine, M. Huchard, M.L. Mugnier, C. Paul, C. Fiorio, A. Cournier have full professors or equivalent positions in French Universities and CNRS.

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