Pierre Cointe (Professor, Thèse d'Etat)
Hélène Coullon (Associate Professor, chaire INRIA)
Shadi Ibrahim (Inria CR1 Researcher)
Adrien Lebre (INRIA Researcher, currently on leave from Mines Nantes)
Thomas Ledoux (Associate Professor)
Jean-Marc Menaud (Professor, HdR)
Jacques Noyé (Associate Professor)
Jean-Claude Royer (Professor, HdR)
Mario Südholt (Head, Professor)
Frederico Alvares (Associate Professor, temporary position)

Postdocs, research engineers

Ronan Alexandre Cherrueau
Jonathan Pastor
Dimitri Pertin
Amelie Chi Zhou
Alexandre Van Kempen

PhD Students

Mohamed Abderrahim
Mohammad Mahdi Bazm (Cifre Orange, co-supervision avec Dr. Marc Lacoste)
Walid Benghabrit
Fatima-zahra Boujdad (Labex CominLabs, PrivGen project)
Bastien Confais (Co-supervision with the RIO LS2N team)
Md Sabbir Hasan (Labex CominLabs, EPOC project, co-supervision with the Inria Myriads team)
Yacine Hebbal (Cifre Orange)
Yunbo Li (Labex CominLabs EPOC, co-supervision with Inria Rennes)
Linh Thuy Nguyen

Project Assistants

Anne-Claire Binetruy (Inria, part time)
Florence Rogues (Mines Nantes, part time)

Past members

(Affiliations are not always up-to-date)

Alexandre Garnier (PhD 2016)
Florent Marchand de Kerchove (PhD 2016)
Kevin Quirin (PhD 2016)
Frédéric Dumont (PhD 2016)
Simon Dupont (PhD 2016, Sigma Informatique)
Jonathan Pastor (PhD 2016, now postdoc at University of Chicago, US)
Gustavo Brand (now working as an assistant lecturer in Brazil)
Jurgen Van Ham, Embedded SW Development Engineer at Technicolor (PhD 2015, co-supervision with Prof. Mira Mezini, TU Darmstadt, Germany)
Jonathan Lejeune, Assistant Professor, UPMC
Mehdi Haddad, Assistant Professor, Université Paris-Est Créteil
Guillaume Le Louët (PhD 2014)
Ismael Figueroa, Assistant Professor, Valparaíso, Chile (PhD 2014, joint PhD with University of Chile, postdoc Ascola)
Mayleen Lacouture, Software engineer Zengularity (PhD 2014)
Yousri Kouki, Research engineer Linagora (PhD 2013)
Mohamed Sellami, Assistant Professor at ISEP engineering university (postdoc at Ascola until Aug. 2014)
Flavien Quesnel, Research engineer, UK (assistant professor at Ascola until July 2014)
Guilhem Jaber, postdoc UC London (Phd July 2014)
Diana Allam (PhD July 2014)
Thierry Bernard, Systems engineer, EasyVirt (postdoc at Ascola until March 2014)
Charles Prud'homme, Research Engineer at Armines/Mines Nantes (PhD Feb. 2014, co-supervision with TASC team, Mines Nantes)
Takahiro Hirofuchi, AIST Researcher (on leave at Ascola during 2013)
Akram Ajouli (PhD 2013), Assistant Professor, Tunisia
Rémy Pottier (PhD 2012), software engineer, EasyVirt
Angel Núñez (PhD 2011), software architect, National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research, Santiago, Chile
Julien Mercadal (Postdoc 2011)
Hien Nguyen Van (PhD 2011)
Dong Ha Nguyen (PhD 2011)
Abdelhakim Hannousse (PhD 2011)
Ali Assaf (PhD 2011), software engineer, Bitasoft
Fabien Hermenier (PhD 2010)
Kelly Garcés (PhD 2010)
Marc Léger (PhD 2009), Dassault Systèmes
Hugo F. Arboleda Jimenez (PhD 2009), Assistant Professor, U. Cali, Columbia
Fabien Baligand (PhD 2008), research engineer, Thales Research and Technology
Luis Daniel Benavides Navarro (PhD 2009), U. Los Andes, Bogota, Colombia
Mahmoud Ben Hassine, Accenture Services (software engineer, 2008-2010)
Tony Bourdier, researcher, iRaiser
Thomas Chavrier
Rémi Sharrock Associate Professor, Telecom ParisTech
Nicolas Anquetil, Assistant Professor, Uni. of Lille
Pierre-Charles David (PhD 2005), software engineer, Obeo
Simon Denier, RMoD Team, Inria
Éric Tanter (PhD 2004), Professor, University of Chile
Yann-Gaël Guéhénec, Associate Professor, Université de Montréal

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