Welcome to the Arachne home page.


Arachne is a dynamic weaver for C programs.


Arachne has been built to pragmatically explore the advantages and drawbacks of Aspect Oriented solutions to software extensibility, software adaptability and software evolution issues on real world applications.


Arachne has been applied to the squid web cache under the Linux operating system.


New features are added to the language and to the toolbox (compiler, weaver...) on a per need basis. Beware however this is a research prototype provided as is, without guarantee. It should be understood as a technology preview. Do not hesitate nevertheless to contact us if you encounter a particular problem.


Feel free to share your experience with us. Your comments are very welcome. Do not hesitate to contact us.


We received some feedback from user encountering problems to learn and/or to install Arachne. We now provide a bootable cd image and a step by step tutorial. The bootable cd image allows user to run Arachne without installing anything on their own machine. This material can be found on our download page. Again feel free to contact us if you encounter problems.