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European Joint Masters in Management and Engineering of Environment and Energy ME3 is an international double-degree program that allows students to study in up to 3 European countries. It has been selected by the European Commission (EACEA) to be supported as an Erasmus+: Erasmus Mundus Master Course for its past editions. The program provides the knowledge and skills to create tomorrow's leaders in environmental management, renewable energy, and sustainability. There are strong multi-cultural and language aspects to the ME3 program which prepare students for international work environments in the energy and environment sectors. READ MORE
Energy Meeting future energy demands is one of the most important challenges facing today's world. Much of this energy demand will orginate from underdeveloped regions around the world, making this challenge international in scope. The ME3 programme provides the tools to understand and manage the technologies that will provide clean, sustainable, and renewable energy into the future. The syllabus also looks at the integration of alternatives for both sides (supply and demand) in order to create the conditions for sustainable energy systems. READ MORE
Environment Finding ways to continue global development in an environmentally sustainable manner is extremely important. In particular, limiting global climate change is one of the most serious issues facing society. The ME3 program provides the knowledge necessary to understand and manage the emission of harmful materials into the environment. READ MORE
Management While engineering and technology are two of the most important tools for addressing challenges in the energy and environment sector, the importance of management cannot be overstated. The ME3 program provides foundational knowledge in management and policy in the energy and environment sectors. When combined with a sound scientific understanding of technologies and processes, this managerial knowledge allows students to be leaders in the energy and environment sectors. READ MORE

ME3: an Erasmus Mundus Master Course

DEADLINE EXTENSION: Applications are open until March 11th 2018

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The ME3 programme received the financial support from the European Commission (EACEA) within the Erasmus Mundus programme for its editions from 2007-2009 until 2011-2013 and from the edition 2013-2015 until 2017-2019.

There are no Erasmus+ Scholarships available for the forthcoming 2018 applications. We strongly recommend you to look for possible funding options. See here for some useful links.

Careers & Employability

  • Careers and Employability
    Where are the ME3 graduates working today? Check the results of our latest Alumni Survey.

ME3 Universities

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    ME3 is partnered with 4 different European universities

Language & Culture

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    Immerse, learn, and explore different cultures

Course Content

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    Management, Energy, and Environment


Student Accomplishments

ME3 students have completed Master's theses in a wide range of areas, while working with companies and research institutions all over Europe and the world. Click below to view past ME3 master's theses.

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